White lace collar design showed a bit dress, straight skirt shape makes the figure appear slender, sleeveless vest cuff all shows cool summer, white handbag added elegant breath, brown high heel sandal and color of skin very match.

Pure cotton, as the name suggests, is a garment made of cotton fibers. Cotton fiber has better moisture absorption, can absorb sweat, let skin become relaxed. Cotton clothes are very soft and very comfortable.

Hemp fiber comes from various kinds of hemp fabrics. It is the first anti-fiber material used by human in the world. Fiber belongs to cellulose fiber. Many qualities are similar to cotton fiber. Because yield is little wait for a characteristic to be praised as cool and refreshing noble fiber. Linen fabric is durable and comfortable and has a rough style of fabric, which is popular among consumers of all levels.

Hemp clothing is very good for its loose molecular structure, light texture